Whether you are a new songwriter looking to develop their practice, an established producer who is eager to take their work to a new level, or an entrepreneur seeking new ways to grow their music business, there is nothing more powerful than having a mentor to help you along your journey.

Kate Ellwanger’s extensive background in music and personal development strategies have led her to work with Grammy Award-winning artists and creative professionals in honing their crafts, cultivating self-awareness, and mastering the level of discipline required for peak performance and expression.

While her areas of expertise include music production in Ableton Live, music theory, composition/arrangement, songwriting, and vocal coaching, the scope of Ellwanger’s teaching extends far beyond the technical aspects of music creation or performance. The heart of her work is helping artists and entrepreneurs in the arts industries find clarity in their visions, understand their strengths and weaknesses, overcome their fears or insecurities, and produce work that fully expresses the artist's message and emotions.

Coaching Program Objectives
[fully customizable by each artist / producer]

• Complete a cohesive body of work or single song with the support of a mentor.

• Expand your production abilities in Ableton Live, and learn to create a song from the early writing stages through mixing and mastering a release-ready track.

• Discover your personal strengths and bring out your unique sound as a songwriter and/or producer.

• Learn how to find your audience, build a following, and explore different ways of releasing music in the digital age.

• Identify and address any fears or self-doubts that may be blocking your creative output or fullest expression.

• Complete challenges and exercises that push you outside of your comfort zone and stretch your ideas.

• Develop good workflow practices that align with your personality type.

• Refine your personal marketing and pitching strategies to get your music heard by record labels, music blogs, and other media outlets.

• Develop visual content (artwork, music videos, press photos) to accompany the release.

• Create a business plan and brand profile.

• Design an inspiring lifestyle with healthy work habits that will support your career long-term.

Questions? Email info@unspeakablerecs.com for case-specific information or to set up a consultation.

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