My schedule is insane. Do I have time for Quantum Sound?

In short, YES. The program is flexibly designed so that artists from any time zone or schedule can participate. Quantum Sound also includes lessons on time-management that support artists in creating balance between their work, family, and creative lives. No time is no excuse!

What will I gain from this experience?

Quantum Sound is unlike any other music school or online tutorial series. While the main objective is for each artist to walk away with an EP or single they feel great about, the lessons learned and relationships made during the program are lifelong treasures.

Artists can learn technical skills from a multitude of resources (many of which are listed in the Quantum Sound Resources PDF given to all participants), but this curriculum takes artist development to a much deeper level in exploring each creator's unique sounds within a supportive community environment.

Like most things in life, you will only get out what you put in, so it's up to YOU to follow through with all assignments and opportunities for growth that Quantum Sound provides. Being pushed outside of your comfort zone and opening to new ideas may not always be easy, but the results are well worth the effort.

Do I have to use a specific DAW in order to participate? What if I'm still a beginner?

While this is an ableton-centric program, use of other DAWs is acceptable if the artist feels more comfortable working with other software. No other plug-ins are required.

While a few months to a few years of experience using Ableton 11 or another DAW can be helpful, your willingness to learn is much more important than experience level! Quantum Sound is all about making the most of the time, skills, and resources you currently have -- NOT waiting around until you have that new synth or more knowledge to begin sometime in the future.

How many artists will be participating? When is the application deadline?

Space is limited to 15 artists, and program spots are given on a first-come, first-serve basis upon application approval. Because of this, early application is strongly recommended, and the deadline is October 19, 2023.

More questions? Email info@unspeakablerecs.com with “Quantum Sound 2023 Application” in the subject line.

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