• Twelve 60-minute video calls on zoom (including screen sharing of project files and branding materials), and twelve 20-minute check-in calls (brief meetings scheduled between each full coaching session).

• Writing exercises, meditations, and creative assignments to be completed each week of the program.

• Online support and feedback from the coach via
email or text.

• Unlimited access to all tutorials in Daily Loop.

• List of additional reading and online resources to accompany the program.

• Flexible scheduling, with the option to space the program out between 3-6 months of time depending on the artist’s pace and availability.

Coaching Program Objectives
[fully customizable by each artist or producer]

• Complete a cohesive body of work or single song with the support of a mentor.

• Expand your production abilities in Ableton Live, and learn to create a song from the early writing stages through mixing and mastering a release-ready track.

• Discover your personal strengths and bring out your unique sound as a songwriter and/or producer.

• Learn how to find your audience, build a following, and explore different ways of releasing music in the digital age.

• Identify and address any fears or self-doubts that may be blocking your creative output or fullest expression.

• Complete challenges and exercises that push you outside of your comfort zone and stretch your ideas.

• Develop good workflow practices that align with your personality type.

• Refine your personal marketing and pitching strategies to get your music heard by record labels, music blogs, and other media outlets.

• Develop visual content (artwork, music videos, press photos) to accompany the release.

• Create a business plan and brand profile.

• Design an inspiring lifestyle with healthy work habits that will support your career long-term.

Questions? Email for case-specific information or to set up a consultation.

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